About Us

We can wow you with our extensive experience and complete team; we can discuss our philosophy of how we plan to make you money; we can discuss our extensive track record. However, since we will bring you a detailed plan of each transaction – you can make the decision for yourself. One thing will stay true - Simplicity.

Unlike others, our syndications are simple; there are no hidden fees, incentives, or other compensation.

The Syndication:
- First: A Preferred Return is paid first to all investors.
- Second: All excess cash flow is divided 75% to investors / 25% to syndicators

The Fees:
- Acquisition (purchase) Fee: 2%
- Disposition (sale) Fee: None
- Management Fee: Market Rate
- Leasing Fee: Market Rate
- Construction Management: 10%

Our Guidelines

  • Comprehensive Planning – We focus on long-term master planning and attending to every detail
  • Thoughtful Stewardship – We care for the land-both that which is developed and that which is conserved. We strive to build and operate our properties in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive way
  • Ethical Conduct – We are honest in our actions and follow through on our commitments. We make good decisions based on long-term goals rather than short-term gains
  • Exceptional Service – We provide our customers with a memorable experience
  • Collaborative Citizenship – We are active, involved members of our communities and strive to work with stakeholders to address key public policy issues and meet critical needs through our philanthropy
  • Employee Engagement – We recruit the best employees, provide them with training and advancement opportunities, and empower them to ensure that the Irvine Company is best-in-class in its business activities